Virtual/Remote Intuitive Quantum Healing

Virtual/Remote Intuitive Quantum Healing

60 minutes

Your investment is ultimately determined by its length





Any session over 2.5 hours will be subject to increased energy exchange.

Virtual sessions have totally transformed my capacity to hold space for people.

I’ve been facilitating long distance healings since 2011 with people as far away as Africa, England, Hawaii, California and Ireland. With the introduction of Zoom into my world Virtual sessions have had a positive impact not only on my clients but, on my ability to literally meet people where they are most comfortable, in their own homes.

Meeting with you virtually is indeed spatially different than in person yet, energetically, much the same as in person.

The beautiful bonus being that you invite the unconditional loving energy directly into your home, rather than stepping into that unconditional loving energy of the Healing Den.

Just as in person, we connect and initially engage in a conversation which, for me, is one of the most important elements of any session. I am trained, not only to share healing stories with you but, to truly listen and HEAR you. As we talk I pay close attention to your sentences, your choice of words, how your words connect one to the next, your intonation and, indeed the content.

All of our interaction provides me with incredibly important information. As time is spent in discussion, I am often guided to share information with you directly from your own Guidance Team, my Guides and yes, sometimes even loved ones come through with a message for you. Spirit has a beautiful way of offering messages filled with, not only with validations and confirmations but, suggestions, ideas and always infinite love.

Once we have explored verbally, we move to the intentional energy concentrated segment of a session. This part of the session is where the BIG work gets done ~ some will drift off to what feels like a shallow sleep, while others will pay close attention to their thoughts, sensations and feelings that arise and wain within their body. As you relax I am set to connect deeply with your energetic field where I become the conduit of healing. I am not the healer, I am merely a clear conduit/hollow bone who has offered herself in service to facilitate healing sessions. In fact, it is you who are the healer with me simply receiving guidance from my Team, who are in constant communication with your Team. It is a group effort ~ I am here to assist while it is your role to allow and follow through afterwards with the work required to solidify, enhance and integrate the healing. No two sessions will be alike as you are never the same person from one session to the next ~ you are evolving exponentially as we work together, whether you are aware of such or not. How often you step into session is ultimately your decision ~ this is a journey and I am beyond honoured to walk it with you as long as you allow me.

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