Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

60 minutes

*Soul Retrieval 

*Entity Removal 

*Heart Centred De-possession

*Womb Healing  


*Unraveling Curses and Thought Forms 


*Peace Making 

*Soul Loss/Power Loss 


*Understanding the Soul Mentorship 


From a shamanistic perspective, there are 3 causes of mental, emotional, and physical illness: 

1) Disharmony (or Power Loss) which oftentimes occurs when someone has lost an important connection to life, or when life seems to lose it’s meaning. This can happen either subtly or catastrophically. 

2) Fear is the most common cause of illness. It’s responsible for emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, etc. 

3) Soul Loss is most often experienced after a traumatic experience takes place, such as fighting in a war, a bitter divorce, or intense bullying - often symptoms can appear as PTSD.

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