Meet Your Dragon Spirit Guide * Unique to Beyond the Purple Door

Meet Your Dragon Spirit Guide * Unique to Beyond the Purple Door

60 minutes

With guidance from Spirit, I have been asked to offer this introduction session, wherein I open the portal to the Dragon Realm so that you may be aquatinted with your own. Dragons have returned to assist us humans during this time, to battle the evil that exists on this planet in order to elevate the earth’s vibration to facilitate our ascension process. Though some would suggest Dragons never left, I can attest to the vast awareness that Dragons have been actively here since 2012, with my own Dragon returning to me in April of that year, three months before a terminal diagnosis. Dragons help to clear the lower energies and take preparations ensuring the way for higher frequencies to come in.

They come together and work alongside the angels and archangels who guide and light our way, as well as the unicorns who sprinkle high frequency light and look blessings over us.

Dragon helps us to maneuver around situations and people that pose a challenge, transmuting the lower energies before we are faced with them and inspiring us to stay grounded as we hold firm to the visions we have for ourselves. Dragon is an amazing source of support and guidance on our spiritual path, assisting with our growth and lighting the way for each of us to see.

Just as we all have Guardian Angels, we too have a dragon assigned to us, personally. As with most Guides, they stay in the background until we acknowledge their presence. Most of the time our personal dragon is the same as our own astrological sign, however, they too evolve and grow as you do, often changing their element as part of their own spiritual growth.

Keep in mind if the task you are faced with requires another of the four dragon elements, different from that of your your personal dragon, fear not for once you acknowledge one, you acknowledge them all and exactly the one you require will indeed be with you.

A fierce protector and gentle guide is dragon ~ full of love and loyalty ~ once your connected with your dragon you’ll never feel alone again for their enormous and mighty presence is just not an easy thing to miss.

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