Light Language Healing

Light Language Healing

40 minutes

Light Language is used to help shift our energy to a higher frequency than that which we usually hold. It helps our brains enter the receptivity of the Gamma state, which assists us in interconnecting multiple areas of our brain. Gamma waves are associated with increased memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity.

At the soul level, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically; connect us to our innate wisdom; activate dormant gifts and truths; and even connect us to our purpose.

Light language sessions can

  • Releases Stuck/Blocked Energy - releasing areas of tension and discordances from your body, mind, and spirit by speaking telepathically and/or directly to your heart and soul, to your entire being;
  • DNA Activation - initiates DNA activations thereby releasing forgotten, or dormant, gifts from this lifetime, or other lifetimes, and allows you to better access and express these parts of yourself in your everyday experience.
  • Activates the Pineal Gland - activating the pineal gland helps you to interpret abstract information that is the language of soul and Spirit. This can assist greatly in facilitating life changes.
  • Provide Higher Dimensional Access - initiating the experience of higher dimensional access and anchoring that in. It can help open telepathic channels, while simultaneously opening all subtle communication channels.
  • Essentially,Light language accelerates the Ascension Process and your ability to bring the light of your soul into your body and this dimensional experience.

Light Language is considered to be the “language of the angels,” or the “language of the soul.”

Many believe light language is the tongue that was spoken before the historic fall of Babylon.

The tail shares that before the fall of Babylon, everyone spoke one language, which offered everyone to understood each other, resulting in peace. As part of the punishment the people were separated and given different languages, and eventually, they didn’t understand one another at all. There was confusion, which led to their warring against each other.

Many ancient cultures of the world have historic texts written about the rise of Light Language, our current time in our planet’s history, and the Ascension.

These texts refer to Light Language being spoken in great numbers again on the planet. It is predicted to begin with a few and spread rapidly to many. It is the bridge between a linear language that is memorized and contextualized, to a more telepathic language that is transmitted through the heart and spoken to the soul.

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