Intuitive Energy Healing  and Clearing Session ~ In-Person

Intuitive Energy Healing and Clearing Session ~ In-Person

60 minutes

Investment based on duration of session:





Any session over 2.5 hours will be subject to increased energy exchange.

This session allows for us to connect with an opportunity to discuss concerns while I may answer questions as you begin shifting to relax, recharge and reconnect with yourself. Reiki allows me to be a clear conduit channelling healing energy into your body through my hands while you remain fully clothed on the treatment table. This channelled energy, infused with loving kindness, allows your natural healing processes to be activated while invoking a deep space of relaxation, helping to restore your physical and emotional well-being. This session is a beautiful way to begin your healing journey as it is very gentle whilst being energetically supportive. 

Intuitive energy healing and clearing sessions at Beyond the Purple Door Healing Den do not include the use of any crystals, tuning forks or sound therapy tools. There are specific sessions which do utilize such tools, which are intended for deeper healing and clearing detailed within this website.

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