Children’s Intuitive Energy Healing and Clearing Session

Children’s Intuitive Energy Healing and Clearing Session

30 minutes

*Monthly Packages Available ~ $75.00/month... 2 virtual sessions to take place either at a scheduled time or as required. 

These sessions will be done as long distance sessions, therefore time, space and place will not interfere ~ you communicate the need to me and healing will be transmitted as necessary. 

There will thereafter be an opportunity to connect in with me to receive any feedback or messages, as received. Reach out and we can discuss how this offering could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Reiki for a child is similar to treating an adult, although, there are some differences. The major difference is that a session for a child will take around 20 minutes because children absorb Reiki much faster than adults. Children are extremely receptive to soaking up Reiki's balancing energies as they generally do not have the same emotional defences that adults often do. While blockages and imbalances slow the flow of Reiki energies, normally children's energies are less encumbered by energy blocks which leads to incredible effectiveness of just one session.

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