Higher Guidance Recipe * Unique to Beyond the Purple Door

Higher Guidance Recipe * Unique to Beyond the Purple Door

60 minutes

This is a session you may wish to embark upon if you’re not really sure what it is that you’re looking for and you think it might be more than just an intuitively guided energy healing session.

As with each session in my practice, they are directed by Spirit to consist of two parts: “chair work” and “table work”. It has been my experience over the last decade+ the benefit to first have an opportunity to bring forward in conversation anything that needs to come up for release or understanding. This will transpire in an effort to have all that needs to be addressed may be closer to the surface for the transition to our work on the table.

All conversations are beautifully guided by my own Guidance Team, who are there to assist me during every healing session

Unconditional Love is always emitted through my eyes, hands and feet and, as such, you will feel it’s loving presence the moment you step Beyond the Purple Door into the Healing Den. Due to the intensity of the unconditional loving vibration, you may find yourself feeling emotional. 

I ask that you please allow any emotions to flow as they rise, for such is paramount to your healing experience. I fully trust your session will be exactly what is needed and I look forward to holding space for all of that and you.

As this session is intended to be deeper than an intuitively guided energy session, it may include the use of any one of my carefully selected stones or crystals, as well as the potential of one or more of my beautiful vibrational Andaras. This session is entirely directed and may also open the door to the use of sound frequency or colour therapy, again as always, guided by my Trusted Team.

No two sessions will be the same for no two persons or journeys are. 

This is your own personal healing recipe lovingly composed and channelled to me for you and your unique healing journey.

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