Equine Energy Healing

Equine Energy Healing

per session

Package of 3 = $180.00 (promotion until April 2023)

Package of 3 = $210.00 

*mileage additional to session fee ~ dependent upon stable location*

Energy healing, at its core, and regardless of what one may call it,

is all about assisting the body to heal itself.

Energy healing uses life force energy, which I refer to as unconditional love, to influence the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual aspect of a person or animal. Unconditional love is infused into the body via my eyes and hands, thereby assisting with the reduction or elimination of ill-ness, dis-ease, injury, pain, trauma, end-of-life care, immune strengthening, and much more.

Energy healing is another tool that can be offered to horses to increase their comfort, their performance, help them to heal and recover from illnesses or injury, and trauma.

The practice of energy healing works to remove imbalances and blockages to allow energy to flow more freely, with a “healer” facilitating the healing through visualizations, intentions, and simply by infusing loving energy into one’s physical body.

Horses are incredibly powerful to work with, and when healing energy is offered, it can aid the horse in moving into a state of deep relaxation. An equine healing session may be as brief as five minutes or maybe as long as 45 minutes, always dependant upon your horse. Once I have received permission I will begin paying attention to your horse’s cues, listening to your horse and my Guidance Team as they intuitively guide me where to place my hands or healing crystals to create the space for trust and relaxation, which allows the healing to occur.

Investment ... $65.00/session. Should your horse not be interested in a session on the date booked, a transportation fee only will apply. As sessions are always guided by the horse themselves, we honour that some days they may not wish for a session to occur.

If an equine intuitive healing session is of interest, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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