Andara Crystals Chakra Energy Healing * Rare Crystals / Unique Session

Andara Crystals Chakra Energy Healing * Rare Crystals / Unique Session

60 mins

This beautiful offering will have two session lengths with an introductory investment for 60 or 90 minute sessions as follows:  

60 minutes = $195.00

90 minutes = $245.00

This is a beautiful offering that combines an intuitive healing session along with the assistance of the Andara crystals. Andara crystals are powerful healing stones that were discovered on the lands of Lady Nellie, a Choctaw Medicine Woman from Northern California. These crystals are high vibrational earth tools that carry unique grounding properties that are incredibly helpful in healing and balancing the chakras when placed upon their corresponding areas of the body.

These crystals came into my life quite unexpectedly, with the guidance of my dear Da who is now in Spirit. Little did I know the depth of the connection that I would have with these beautiful crystal beings. They have been the "magick" that I have been seeking for some time now, totally unaware that they too were seeking me. All Andara Crystals come forward to be delivered to their chosen keeper in perfect timing. These crystals have now entered my life and will absolutely change the trajectory of my practice, as well as the potential and trajectory of one's healing journey. This is one of my signature sessions which I am beyond thrilled to be in the space to bring to you. 

The Andaras are a beautiful healing tool for us to use and accept their assistance when we are directed. Andara sessions, as with any other sessions, will be facilitated in two parts - one part will consist of a discussion, allowing all that needs to be brought up and addressed to be so. The second part of each session will consist of the healing transmission. If you are attending an in-person session, the Andaras will be placed on the corresponding chakra areas of your being. If you are working with me via a virtual platform, an avitar (a stuffed animal on which I work with the full intention that the stuffed animal represents you) will become your 'energetic twin' that I will work with for the purposes of the healing session only. By placing the Andaras upon the corresponding chakra areas for the ensuing length of your session, at which time I will also be transmitting loving healing energy to you. This session, as with all other intuitive healing sessions, will have a foundation in Usui Reiki, coupled with intuitive guidance that I will be receiving from your Guidance Team and loved ones, as well as my own Guidance Team.  

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