3rd Eye Opening & Activation

3rd Eye Opening & Activation

60 mins

This is a session you may wish to embark upon if you are ready to begin or deepen your spiritual journey.  If you have been seeking the assistance of tools that will help to encourage the opening and activation of your Third Eye, also known as the pineal gland, this is the session for you.

The pineal gland, highly important in one’s spiritual awareness, when closed makes one vulnerable to deception, whilst when open acts as a truth detector able to pick up the inconsistent energy of lies and subliminal messages used to conceal truth and ill intentions.

This session is intended to assist one in intentionally opening the third eye while increasing one’s self-knowledge and awareness of their thoughts to promote and develop the capacity to trust one’s own inner wisdom. Going within promotes inner peace, intuition, wisdom and active listening while assisting one in the discovering the power of their spoken word;  their ability to heal outdated thoughts and patterns;  and the capacity to cleanse and release negative views while encouraging positive thoughts and outlooks.

Stepping in to experience this session will offer an opportunity to integrate and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, promoting the balance to help uncover their gifts and innate abilities.

During this session you will work with the following tools:

  1. a trio of specifically chosen Andaras identified to me as Nostradamus, Merlin and Mage, whose combined essences have been encapsulated within a tincture to take away with you to continue the Work beyond your session;
  2. a piece of Lapis Lazuli chosen by you, which you will also take away with you;
  3. a selected pine cone from our sacred grounds for work with its essence and energy, which you will also take away to continue the Work.

Each session in my practice is directed by Spirit to consist of two parts: “chair work” and “table work”. It has been my experience over the last decade+ the benefit to first have an opportunity to bring forward in conversation anything that needs to come up for release or understanding. This will transpire in an effort to have all that needs to be addressed may be closer to the surface for the transition to our work on the table. All conversations are beautifully guided by my own Guidance Team, who are there to assist me during every healing session. I fully trust your session will be exactly what is needed and I look forward to holding space for all of that and you.

60 minute = $185.00

90 minute = $230.00

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