Intuitive Energy Sessions with Charlotte Brennan ~ the Soul Mechanic

Intuitive Energy Sessions with Charlotte Brennan ~ the Soul Mechanic

"Don't stop believing for the journey has only just begun." ~ Charlotte Brennan, the Soul Mechanic~

With many courses of study and a plethora of life stories behind me I have decided to focus on allowing my heart's passion to blossom to assist others on their own healing journeys. Each healing journey is very different from the next, and those whose paths cross mine who present with familiar storylines to my own, offers me a deeper level to relate and a knowing from a truly heart-centered space. I do not work alone. Full stop. I work purely as a hollow bone, or clear conduit, alongside my Angels and Guides ~ My Team ~ who will be the ones communicating with your Angels and Guides. I am always intuitively guided as to what I am to share, how I am to offer guidance and the kind of work that is to be performed once we move to the work upon the table. I cannot determine prior to any session how the healing session will play out. It is not for me to know prior to your attendance as it is not my healing journey but, yours. You see, in essence, I am not the Healer, you are. It is you who has sought the assistance, having listened to the guidance provided by your soul to move you in my direction. You may not be aware of such, yet, but, in time, you will come to understand such to be true. 

The minute if I were to decide how a healing will occur (without guidance), or I place an emotional attachment to your outcome is the very minute I am standing knee deep in my ego. My job is to hold space so that you may be safely held as you shift into the realm of healing. It is an absolute REQUIREMENT that the one who is facilitating the 'healing' MUST put their ego aside in order to open up to the full and perfect guidance of the higher realm. To be in ego is to control the healing and we, 'healers' are never to be doing so.  

Many in the past have asked so, yes, I am a psychic and a medium. However, I have learned that those two gifts, for now, are to be tapped into as a part of a healing session. My craft is healing work, not psychic readings or mediumship work on their own, but as a tool utilized in sessions. Can I do either of those things? Yes, but I find to do so outside of a healing session is very draining on my energy level. At this space in my Calling, I receive that as a very clear message from my Guidance Team to simply use such gifts as tools. I believe - for me - it is better to hone in on my amplified gifts, rather than to be a jack of all trades and dabble in too much. 

I have discovered through my own healing work that Love is the only vibration in which all things can be shifted and in which miracles can occur. I believe whole heartedly that when one shifts the energy of the internal foundation of that from fear to love, it is only then that the potential exists to change the foundations around us. I believe in all things Magick and mystical and absolutely trust that that which I may not see does surely exist. I have been given the gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairalience which simply means that I can hear, feel and see spirit, have the ability of clear knowing and the ability to smell scents given to me by Spirit to assist in relaying whom they may be. My awareness of Spirit is always dependent upon how they wish to make their presence known to me.

Bottom line, I am not in charge or control ... ever ... and I am completely okay with such. This is my life, this is my world. I am ever so lucky to be able to be just who I am. I know this to be very different for many of those who came before me. I am grateful to my ancestors for gifting me this way and, just as they have done before me, my hope is to continue to open the path for those who will come after me. In the interim I am here to help alleviate the suffering of those around me. I am here to facilitate as I may be required, always in a safe space and void of judgement.